Going for the college or the office? We cant take that heavy party look there right.?! and then you end up boring! Doesn’t matter where are we going, we have always wanted to look attractive and fresh. That’s why we choose to go with the’ No Make up Look.
Makeup is not about making you look plastic, but enhancing the beauty in you. Follow these 10 simple steps and make your days beautiful and fresh.

korean woman with no makeup look

Correct your Skin first

Before going for No Make up Look, make sure your skin is well supple and moisturized. Use a hydrating face mask or face cleanser to get a glowing and even out skin. When you’re going with the minimal look, don’t forget to tone it! Toning will prep your skin for the serum and moisturizer that follow. This also ensures that you see the benefits of your products.

2. Prime it for No Make up Look

A clear and smooth base primer plays an important role. It will help your makeup last longer, controlling your skin’s natural oils, build smooth fine lines, and minimize the pores. Try to use hydrating primers. These primers add extra moisture, resulting in your skin feeling energized and refreshed.

3. Use a light coverage

Tinted moisturizers, BB and CC creams give you sheer coverage and a natural finish. Using these products will give your skin some extra hydration and still allow some of your freckles, redness, and imperfections to shine through.

4. Use of Concealer

Apply a spot hydrating concealer in areas that need extra coverage such as the under eyes, sunspots and to hide the blemishes. You can also use a light powder to set the base, but try to apply with a very light hand, to avoid a thick powdery finish.

5. Set Everything

Blend a cream bronzer with a damp sponge and set lightly with a powder bronzer. You can add a natural dew on the top of the cheekbones, this will go a long way in making your face look natural but still glowy.
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6. Eye Tightline

Doesn’t matter if it’s a basic makeup look or a high-on glam one, eyes have the power to make or break it. It is the technique of lining your upper waterline (the area inside the lash line).

It makes your lash bed appear bolder, giving the appearance of thicker lashes. By making the eyes look bigger and more defined, brings out the gorgeous natural look of your eye.

woman in Grey top with red hairs

7. Light Mascara

How can you forget to groom your lashes!? Use an eyelash curler to give your lashes a defined shape and apply mascara to separate it all. Avoid double or many coating of mascara as we want it to look natural.

8. Time for the blush

Pale pink is the shade most people with fair skin naturally blush, so it looks natural in product form. Choose a rosy pink or an earthy peach tint for your cheeks to a rosy effect.

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9. Do Lipbalm

Use a lip balm first, to get it nourished. Apply it all over your lips first to soften your pout. Then use your finger to tap the bullet of the lipstick and gently press your fingertip on your lips to add a soft stain of color. This will make it look fresh and pretty.

woman putting lip balm

10. Fill up the Brows

What’s the most attractive part of the face? Eyebrows! In between the No Make up Look, fill and brush up your eyebrows. To enhance the beauty of natural makeup use a brow pencil or powder to fill in the sparse areas in your brows and then brush them.

Pro Tips

  • Use a small fluffy brush to apply concealer. This will end up looking way too natural and airbrushed than a traditional concealer brush.
  • If you want to use a powder formula for the flush, don’t go super matte, as you want the natural glow to show through.
  • Use a medium brown eyeshadow to swipe a subtle line along your upper lash line or you can use a liquid or gel liner to ink little dots between your lashes.
  • If you’re going to apply sunscreen, start with a gentle exfoliation, then follow with a super hydrating moisturizer or face oil. As it gives them time to soak into your skin without disturbing any makeup you’ve put on.
  • We often struggle in finding the perfect match in BB or CC creams because they always come in limited shades. But you can do one thing, mix and match the two shades to make a customized shade for yourself.
  • Do not forget to run a clean mascara spoolie through your lash hair to avoid any clumps.

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