Lohri is a vital festival for Punjabis. And when it comes to getting prepared, the Lohri Outfits looks outstanding! If you wish to look slightly different or experiment with the suits that you commonly wear, In this article, you will surely get the match of your preference and a few choices that you could experiment with your lohri outfits.

gorgeous red suit for women

Lohri Outlook – Have A Look!

Lohri festival is just around the intersection and this year the harvest festival will be celebrated on January 13. The festival reflects the entrance of the harvest season as the sowing season of the winter crop arrives at an end. Lohri festival is followed by the celebration of flying kites, Makar Sankranti which signifies the entrance of the summer months.

Each Indian festival is incomplete without unique treats prepared and dressing up for the occasion. Here, we give you some suggestions of great Lohri Outfits on how to channelize your inner ‘Punjabi kudi’ and rock the event. Lohri is mainly celebrated in the states like- Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh, by the Hindu and Sikh communities.

The souls of Punjab begin to dance to the melodies of happiness and satisfaction to the fullest during the festival of Lohri party dresses in Salwar Kameez and widened kurtas.

Lohri Background

Lohri is a harvest festival that is recognized to have arisen from the period of Saint Kabir. Whereas some different sections of the community believe its existence to go back during the mythological period of Prahlad.

Some legends also evaluate the origin of this festival to trace back to the Mughal supremacy of King Akbar. Dulla Bhatti was a central character of all the folk songs of Lohri, as he was the ‘Robin Hood of the Punjabis’ who protected girl victims from the evils of the slave trade.

Let’s dress up like a “Punjabi kudi”. This is the festive season to get your match and experiment with Lohri Party Outfits

Kurti With Palazzo

Trending for quite some time, the mixture of Kurti and palazzo is here to stay this year as well. From a brilliant outing to a casual meeting, palazzos set you apart in the crowd. An amalgamation of comfort and style is what we are wishing for this Lohri. Style it up with some accessories like a chandelier jhumka so that you do not look over the top yet look fashionable.

Purple dhoti and kurta set

Dhoti & Kurti

It’s a very popular dress among girls all over India. Ditch the good old Patiala salwar and give the ensemble a gifted twist. Have a look at the Kurta Dhoti set which looks amazing if well fitted.

However, we do not suggest this style to people on the heavier side of the weighing scale. Wear it with a Kolhapuri chappal or a mojari or a simple jutti and if you have a simple Payal, wear it and it will make you look fab.

For women out there, check the amazing accessories to enhance your entire traitional look


Kurti with sleek pants 

This combination looks incredible if paired well. Cigarette pants can never go off-trend fashion as they give structure to your figure. It just makes you look taller for that matter. Together with these pants wear teardrop earrings as they look stylish. You could also wear a statement ring with it if the suit is a little heavy, surely it will look great.

Floor-length Dresses

These kinds of dresses look fine if well fitted, it feels super comfortable, and fit the festive wear tag as nicely. This way you are in touch with the ethnic side of you and balance it with a recent look. Go simple on the jewelry if you are wearing something like this. Leave your hair open though, but it will depend on your look, which suits you.

Juti and Parada

When it shows up to dress up for a Punjabi occasion, Parada and juttis are compatible. These days there are so many choices convenient for both, be it online or in the markets. If you do not know how to wear it check out some online videos. Also, be aware of the points of the jutti that might bite you.

Pearl goblet juttis for lohri outfit


Present Day Scenario

Today’s idea of celebration has gone through layers of transformations and innovations. The older lot of the society, however, continues to retain the traditional flame of Lohri. But currently, the corporate world considers this festival as an opportunity to take out time out of their busy schedules and catch up with their family and colleagues. Friends and family trips are planned on this day, which serves as a bonding aspect.

You’ve made it through the tiring process of choosing an entire wardrobe for your post-married life, and now it’s time to bask in the glory of your new life as a bride! Therefore, getting married is just the start of great family life, hangouts with fellow couples, and getting all dressed up.


With Lohri arising this January, emerged by a series of festivals throughout the year, hope you are ready to put your best foot forward with unique Lohri party dresses. If you are a newlywed bride, here we also have some tremendous recommendations for you to grab a Lohri Outfits from!

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