Often it happens with us, we buy clothes, we show it off, click pictures, post it on social media, and done. We never wear them again. Or sometimes what happens is that any part of a dress, shirt, pants or top or anything is torn and we never wear it again. Of course, dresses are expensive and in today’s world, we are scared to repeat dresses that are not good. Many fashion influencers nowadays do blogging on such old cloth hacks and repeat dresses. We will discuss such in this article.

using Straighteners As a Collar Iron

Old Cloth hacks

De-Pill Your Clothing Using A Razor

This is a great hack to de-pill your clothes. Use a razor and run it over the cloth. After that use tape to pick off any scraps.

Weave On A Button

Firstly, put the needle from the back of the cloth and through the top right hole of the button. Now put the needle through the bottom right hole and attain the cloth and pull the thread. Weave through the right hole 3 times in a row and enact the same on the other side.

After weaving, push the needle towards the back of the cloth and pull it between the front of the button and cloth. Then, wrap the button using the thread for min six times. Now pull the needle through the hole of the thread and pull and tie a twist at the back.

A Tie

For this hack, you just need to know different ways to tie it.

Use a sharpie to wrap bleach stains

Do you know using a sharpie you can puff out the bleach quickly.

Use Hair Straighteners As a Collar Iron

This hack best especially when you do not have iron. Just make sure not to heat too high or leave the straighteners on the fabric too long. 

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Mend A Zipper With Candle Wax, Crayons, A Pencil Or Nail Polish

Try this hack!! This is cool.

Curb Your Fly from Opening

You can use a flexible band or purchase a real Zip Holder.

Use Shaving Foam To Remove Make-Up Stains

removing stain from the collar

Want to get rid of makeup tinges? Then try rinsing the clothing after you wrapped it in shaving foam.

Use A Straw So You Never Lose Your Hoody Strings Again

Try this hack, you just need a hairsbreadth of straw for this hack.

Wear a leather jacket in the rain to get that pitiful look

Want to create a distressed look? Try to wear leather distressed and vintage look by wearing the jacket in rain.

White Wine Removes Red Wine

Trust me on this try rubbing white wine to remove the red wine.

Window cleaner also cleans patent leather

Try this hack. You just have to sprinkle and dab the cleanser.

Talcum powder eliminates oil tinges

Just give the talc to the spot and put it overnight next day you will see there are no oil tinges.

Coldwater and vinegar eliminate stains 

Try this combination to eliminate pigments from leather. Vinegar doesn’t harm the leather and makes your stains eliminate.

Home DIYs,


Pull-On the fabric around a string to heave it back in place

Move between heaving on the sides and top and bottom of the loose thread.

Clean nail varnish stops a button from falling off

putting Clean nail varnish stops a button from falling

We keep on weaving the button. But try this hack to fix the button.

Hairspray will eliminate a lipstick stain

Spray hairspray on the lipstick color. Now let it sit for some time and now put it in the washing machine.

DIY Cloth Hacks

Now, these are some do it yourself clothing hacks you should try.

  • Folding non-skinny jeans in boots: Non- skinny jeans are irritating. Tuck it in Boots.
  •  Stretch Tight Jeans: Jeans got tight? Try stretching it to fit you flawlessly again.
  • Sweater over Button-Up Shirt: This is a very cool hack. Trust me you will love the look. 
  • Low Back, No Strap: Try the DIY bra old clothes hacks/converter, and now can wear the low back or backless dress with no strap.
  • Hunkered down Sleeves: Just start by unbuttoning the whole sleeve and tuck the shirt halfway up your arm, now the cuff lies across the elbow. Again swivel the bottom sleeve up the arm once. Now turn the bottom of the sleeve up the arm, start from the lowest inside nook and twitch the upper, outside fold. Lastly, shove the sleeve up the arm so the cuff hunches relaxed right above the elbow. 
  • Wrapped Vest: Start by putting out the cloth in half, now go to the bottom left corner and cut the folded edge. Now, cut out a triangle from the bottom left corner. Just cut out an oval for the arms. It’s done just unfold the cloth and shrug it on. 

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