The best thing about being an Indian Hairstyles is the number of festivals that we get to celebrate around the year! From Diwali to Eid, our lives revolve around these wonderful festive occasions that gave a chance to know our traditional things.

Indain pink outfit carried by woman

Through dressing, lighting, puja, decorating, we spend a great day with our loved ones.
Have you decided on your look for Diwali? Well, while putting together an outfit do remember to take the right accessories and superb festive hairstyle with it.
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1. Gajra Look

There is no denying the fact that a tight donut bun adorned with gajras all round it would be as pleasant and picturesque as a bridal hairdo should be. Sporting something like this would definitely up this Diwali.

2. Half-tied braided hair

Women love this half-tied braided hair and ace it like a pro on occasion day. In this hairstyle, the luscious locks are semi-braided and kept half down. The hairdo can further be embellished with either real flowers or fake ones as one likes.

3. Floral Braids

For all those sassy brides who want to try something different and unique from all others, go for floral braids. This will not only add length to your hair but will also make your hair look extensive. The best diwali outfits for you,

4. Chotli Braid

It is one of the easiest Indian Hairstyles for long hair in Indian style. Beautiful chotlis like this one are a mainstay of traditional South Indian accessories. And the best part of this look is that it just takes 10 minutes to do as it just involves a simple braid and putting on a chotli.

fishtail braid for long hairs

5. Fishtail Braid

Whether you pair them up with soft waves, dainty floral adornments, mini dutch braids, or simply weave them tightly, fishtail braids look super amazing no matter how you choose to style the plait. They are easy, timeless, and fuss-free-exactly how a woman wants on special occasions.

6. Messy Indian bun

If you’re looking for a more casual and easy to put together look, the messy bun should be on top of your list! While it requires minimal effort to be made, it gives off an easy-going and chic look to a person. Be it a hectic day doing chores or a party, the messy bun can be modified to suit any occasion.

7. The braided bun

Have you been thinking about the right ways to style a bun with your long hair, this hairstyle not only do the intricate web of braids but allow the hairstyle to last longer making it more convenient.
They also add an air of elegance and style to the hairdo! This bun hairstyle will look graceful and smart on any woman!

8. Bumped up curls

It’s amazing how a simple bumpit can transform the most basic of Indian Hairstyles into something incredible. This gorgeous curly hairstyle has been elevated to the next level with the help of a bumpit inserted at the crown of her head. Use some hair accessories and style the way it looks beautiful.

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9. Double Side Braid

This Indian double-sided braid hairstyle is badass and stunning at the same time. It’s a conrow meets Indian look, making the married woman look her most stunning self! It’s a great hairstyle for long hair.

10. Front twist

This is the most adapted hairstyle by women during festive occasions because it’s simple to make, and easy to carry. Take the front section of your head and twist it towards the back and yeah it’s done!! You can twist it any way you love to (like braids).

Indian Hairstyles

11. Braided Updo

The one hairstyle that has lasted the test of time is the classic bun. Give the classic bun a fun braided updo and see the magic unfold. Its no-fuss vibe is easy to maintain even through long, boisterous sangeet events.
This style also frees up your shoulders and back so you can flaunt some interesting bling and ensemble designs, making it a great hairstyle for festive seasons like Diwali.

12. Waterfall Loop Braid

This hairstyle is one of the easy ones to make but looks elegant. A refreshing take on the cascading waterfall braid Indian Hairstyles, these for unmarried girls who want to have all eyes on her!

13. Twisted back waves

Part your hair down the middle. From right next to the left side of your parting, pick up a 3-inch section of hair and start French twisting it towards your ear by adding more hair with each subsequent twist.

Twisted and pulled back hair with voluminous waves adds a sense of innocence to the whole look.

14. Side Gajra Braid

Looking for a hairstyle with a contemporary touch? Go for any kind of braid and twine the gajra around it. For a twist, try French or a rope braid. This hairstyle will good with chiffon or georgette sarees and shiny lehengas of Diwali.

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