Are you still wondering how to handle your hair for the new season? Do not worry! I can inspire you with our 8 selected and most trendy hairstyles! For girls with short hairs try out this…

woman in mask with curly waves

1. The upper braids/ french mohawk braids

This hairstyle is so easy to carry and easy to tie. Take the middle-upper half section of hairs and braid them. Then hide your rubber band with a chunky piece of hair. And your hairs are ready for the day!!

2. The braid style

A common misconception about short hair is that it’s difficult to style in new ways, and it just ends up looking at the same every day. but to end this myth I have got an amazing hairstyle that you’ll like it. divide your hairs into 3:2 section then braid it through the major section and tie it with a pin and guess! your cute hairstyle is ready.

Cute low bun updos

3. Curly waves

If you are in a hurry and your hairs to look amazing then I have a solution for your girls. Just pick up your curler and starting stylish. Loose and free curls will be good for you. close curled are not allowed for a casual and formal look.

Best VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler – Straightener, Curler and Crimper

4. Half bun up

This is one of the easiest hairstyles for short hairs. If you are a lazy person and want your hairs to look perfect in a minute then you should try this one out. Take the upper section of hairs and tie them in a knot bun. then, slightly pull up the hairs outwards to make the bun fluffy. And your hairstyle is ready to spark.

Style with the indian hairstyle for special ocassions.

5. Top knot bun

Make two sections of hairs and make a knot bun upside the head as shown in the picture. To make the bun fluffy and messy,
pull it outwards and pin them tightly. Take out some medium length flicks on free them on the face. Wear a pendant or chain in the neck to make this hairstyle more attractive and elegant. This hot hairstyle will gonna suit you to night parties, daily look as well as for small trips.

slaying top knot bun

6. Half up twist

Take side pieces of your hair, just above your ears, roll them loosely and tie them together at the back of your head. It is super simple, less time consuming and an everyday look.  If you have thin hair and are afraid of
styling it, you can always opt for a half up twist hairstyle.

7. Half braids

Struggling with short hairs? then, try this simple and effortless hairstyle. to get this you need to take side pieces of your hair, above the ears, braid them loosely at the back. Then make a fluffy puff and tie them in a bun. and your swaggy hairstyle is ready to rock. this hairstyle will gonna suit you mainly at concerts, trips, and traveling too.

8. Bubble ponytail

You love bubbles.? hahaha lol.!! this time you will make a bubble with your hairs but want to know how.? then follow the steps; firstly make a puff using the front hairs and tie it with a band, then take the side hairs around the puff and tie them beneath the upper knot, again follow the same rule and your third part hairs. at last pic out the hairs between the two knots and now, your hairstyle is ready. It will be great for second or third-day hair. You will love it!

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