”Nothing can beat a great pink smile in the world”

If you have dry and dark lips even after trying all kinds of lip balms and lip brightening creams, then it’s time to try some home remedies for pink lips. You need to take care of your lips to make them look naturally pink.

glossy pink lips at home

I’m mentioning some of the easiest and effective ways you could use to get pink lips!

Honey and Sugar Remedy For glossy pink lips

Take one tablespoon of sugar, add one tablespoon of honey to it and mix it well. Gently rub this mixture on your lips for about 1-2 minutes in circular motions then rinse with lukewarm water.

Rose Petals

Soak rose petals in a bowl of milk overnight. Take out the petals the next morning and add them to 1 tablespoon of honey and some glycerin. Mix it into a paste and transfer the mixture into a small jar and refrigerate to use it regularly for up to a month.

Honey and lemon paste for pink lips

Honey and lemon remedy

Mix a teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Apply the mask to the lips and rinse with warm water after 15 minutes. Honey is a humectant that helps hydrate lips while lemon works as a lightening agent.

Aloe Vera Gel

For this remedy, you will need fresh aloe vera gel and coconut oil. Slice a fresh aloe vera leaf from the middle. Scoop out the aloe vera gel and put it in a container.Add coconut oil to the gel. Store it in the refrigerator, and you can use this mixture as a lip balm.


Using Fruits

Take strawberries, aloe vera gel, and organic honey in equal quantities in a bowl. Mix well and apply, massaging gently. Rinse after 15-20 with cool water.

home mada diys for pink lips


Peel one beetroot, cut it into small pieces, and grind it. Strain the juice of grated beetroot and apply it on the lips as a natural lip tint. This is one of the best home remedies to make lips pink.


Take a handful of pomegranate seeds and add 1 tablespoon of malai or milk cream to it. Mix it into a paste and apply it regularly to get pink lips after a few applications.

Lemon and Glycerine Lip Mask

Mix 1 teaspoon of lemon juice,1 teaspoon of glycerine, and store them in a container. After applying the mask, refrigerate it. it can last for a long time if stored properly. It would be best to apply the mask at night, just before you go to bed, and don’t be afraid to apply it in a thick layer.

Tips for Daily lipcare

1. Don’t forget to Exfoliate

Grab a wet napkin or a toothbrush and gently rub your lips with it in gentle movements. This removes dead skin and the dry outer layer of the lips, while also improving blood circulation.

2. Keep it moisturize

Keeping your lips moist at all times is a sure shot way to ensure they remain pink. Use aloe vera gel directly from the plant or buy a pure bottled version to soothe and hydrate dry lips.

Watermelon lip pop for pink lips

3. Consume Watermelon

Eating watermelon in summer helps the skin stay hydrated due to its very high water content. Watermelon is 97% water, helps the hydration reach all the cells of your body, thereby giving you moist and pink lips.

4. Must hydrate

Drinking more water to stay hydrated will prevent dry and chapped skin. It will also keep your lips looking plump and moist, while also keeping discoloration of lips at bay.

5. Avoid chemical-based products

Go for natural like pomegranate, beetroot, or raspberry juice. Dab a little on your lips for a lovely pink hue for a few hours. Plus, they don’t make your lips go dry the way long-stay lipsticks do.

6. Prime before Lipstick

Before you apply lipstick, it’s good to lightly brush your lips with almond or coconut oil. Wait for a few minutes and then apply lipstick. You can also use lip balm instead.
This acts as a protective layer, keeping the lips moisturized and preventing them from drying out due to the lipstick. Below i m mentioning a link so that you can buy your best lip primer in hand


7. Eat tomato

Tomatoes contain selenium which protects your lips from sun damage. Consume it in raw form as a salad, or apply it to your lips.

If your lips are pink, it means that your body and mind are in balance and you are in the ‘pink’ of health. It also implies that the diet you are following and your fitness routine is right for your body and age.

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